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We have been quietly making improvements to the dashboard and thought we should share these with you. Some of these you may have noticed, others could be easily missed. Most of these have come from user requests so you may see yours mentioned here.

Site Notifications

We have added a notification system so we can easily notify you about important updates within the site, don’t worry we wont be filling up your inbox!
You will see the notification bell icon at the top of the overview screen which you can click to view notifications.

Clicking on the notifications icon will take you through to the notifications page where you can view current and previous notifications.

Met recipe by recipe & met recipe by group head

On the site dashboard you can now see recipe adherence per recipe and per group head to give you a better idea of exactly how well you are meeting your recipes and where to look at improving.

Reporting on Actions & Services due

From your user preferences you can now opt in to receive reports for actions and services due.
The actions report is a summary of any operational actions that need attention.
The Services report is the list of upcoming or overdue service items you have.
Actions and Service items are visible through the dashboard if you are reseller, organisation or site admin.

Search select lists

As our number of users have grown and the amount of organisations, sites and users they manage has increased some selection lists have become very long, to make things a little easier you can now search these lists to find the item you are looking for much more easily, this has also been added to the timezone list as well.

Site engine lights

Getting an idea of who is using, or not using, the site overview can be integral to getting the most out of the data coming from your sites. Many baristas loading the real time display using a direct link skip the site overview so we have added two extra engine lights for viewers of a sites overview page and another for viewers of a sites real time dashboard. Both these can be clicked to show a list of users which have accessed these pages in the last hour.

Group head mapping

Dealing with physical equipment can be difficult at times and when an installation has a cable incorrectly wired it used to mean a trip back to site to fix. We have solved this by allowing arbitrary group head mapping with an interactive mapping tool so you can virtually rewire the flow device to get your data flowing in from the correct group heads. Play the video below to see how it works. This tool is available on every unit page.

If you administer many sites you will have had to navigate between the site dashboard and site admin pages many times. To make this faster we have added a manage link at the top of the site navigation menu to jump directly to the site admin page and a link back to the site dashboard page so you can now easily jump back and forth.

Other updates

For organisations who have their real time display shot time precision set to zero decimal places we now truncate the time rather than round it. So if a shot is 28.8 seconds it will now display as 28 seconds rather than being rounded up to 30 which could cause confusion with the shot classification.

Units now have a public IP sent with the device state so on the unit page there is a link to geo-locate it on a map to help understand where they are installed.

When entering a new unit we have improved the serial number checks to help prevent incorrect serials being entered and also remove pesky semi colons if you are copy and pasting directly from an email that includes them, so now you can paste 63:C2:26 into the serial number field and it will become 63C226 a small but handy feature when you have a batch of new units to set up.

Sometimes a unit is installed before being set up in the dashboard. In the past any shot data would be lost, now these units will be automatically created so shot data can begin being recorded and once the unit is added this data will be visible.

For API users we have made some improvements to the way ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates are handled. API rate limits have been applied since queries can take a while to process all that shot data and to make things faster we have increased the amount of results from 100 to 1000 items.

Often we found users did not name their coffee machines and this meant that names would be blank, rather than force you to enter a name we now provide default names Primary, Secondary, Tertiary if the name is left blank, of course you can go back and change these.

Finally we have made actions such as adding a user return to initiating page, so now when adding a user from an organisation page once the user has been added it will direct you back to the organisation page rather than users page.

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