Flow for Baristas

Instant feedback, happy customers

Flow for Baristas

Clear Feedback

Making great consistent coffee in a busy environment with many variables and little feedback from the machine is no easy task.

Flow takes care of the guesswork by providing you with clear feedback to assist you in making high-quality consistent espresso.

Flow for Baristas

Showcase Your Skills

Baristas are knowledgable, artistic and able to work well in a dynamic environment. But it’s not always easy to see the work that goes into making great coffee.

The data that Flow provides reveals who the high-performing baristas are in the workplace. We have seen the positive impact of our data on pay rates and demand for baristas who are achieving well.


Baristas are known to have a competitive nature and they enjoy competing against each other. With the Flow leaderboard function, you can have fun competing against other baristas either in-house or within your brand or chain.

Job Satisfaction

If you are curious about your work performance Flow can provide you with accurate data to help you discover where you are achieving well and where you can improve.

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