Why Flow?

Is consistent coffee worth the effort?

Making good consistent coffee is not without its challenges.

There can be numerous obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of crafting the perfect cup of coffee, such as managing staff and providing training, acquiring and maintaining quality equipment, and being able to perform well in a busy fast-paced environment.

It’s important to consider and manage all of these aspects of coffee making as the coffee you serve your customers almost always directly impacts customer satisfaction, sales and loyalty. People will go out of their way to get their coffee fix often walking or driving past several cafes to visit the place that serves great-tasting consistent coffee.

Customer loyalty contributes to economic growth for your business and your bean supplier too as coffee sales inevitably increase with steady customer visits. Returning customers also boost food and product sales on offer at your site.

Flow does more than assist baristas in making great-tasting coffee. It also provides employers with valuable data to view each staff member’s coffee-making efforts. The results can lead to opportunities for learning and improvement, team-building and recognition of those staff members who are producing excellent coffee.

We believe that consistency is key to attracting loyal customers. Flow can help your business or brand build a favourable reputation that is recognised as a reliable place to enjoy excellent coffee.

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