Frequently Asked Questions

Can you integrate into my coffee machine?

If you are using a traditional volumetric machine, the answer is almost certainly yes. Flow has been integrated into many different manufacturers machines and to date, we have not found one that we could not integrate with.

How much does Flow cost?

Flow is less than the price of one coffee per day. We tailor pricing to each individual business case.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Once the unit is installed, we will then take your key personnel through the online training programme. The data that Flow provides is clear and very easy to understand.

Will the system require ongoing servicing?

No, Flow can be remotely updated, and there is no need for physical servicing.

Why is recipe important?

The main pillars of recipe being dry dose, yield and shot time will determine the flavour in the cup. Your roaster will have put a lot of time into creating the perfect balance of these 3 pillars. At the retail level, it is imperative that the recipe parameters are being met in order to deliver your clients a high-quality flavour experience.

Can I have the system without the Barista Feedback Gauges?

Yes, the Flow Dashboard and the Barista Feedback Gauges run independently of each other. We believe there is incredible value in having both, though they can run independently.

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