Flow for Cafes

Simpler training, return customers

Flow for Cafes

Create Loyalty

Every cup of coffee that is served in your establishment needs to be top-notch to ensure your customer will return. Satisfied customers go back to the place that gave them the best coffee experience.

By using the data provided by Flow you can be sure that you are serving up consistent delicious coffee that will produce loyal customers.

Flow for Cafes

Increase Sales

When there is an improvement in serving consistent coffee you will start to see an increase in your sales. We know when sites lift their execution to recipe by 20% their sales volume increases by 12-15%.

Resolve Quality Issues Quickly

Our clients are sometimes surprised to see that the quality of their coffee isn’t what they believed they were serving to their customers.

Flow’s data provides clear results that enable you to see the issues affecting the quality of your coffee and solutions to resolve them quickly.

Having top-quality beans and equipment is not enough to ensure great consistent coffee every time. Our data can assure you that every coffee served is a great coffee.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are the most valuable part of your business so customer satisfaction must be a priority. Inconsistent coffee is what drives people to look elsewhere in the hope of finding a better option.

A great cup of coffee every time will help you attract loyal returning customers.

“We were one of the first cafes to use this and I still do to this day. I can’t get my head around any café that wouldn’t want to use this system! The Flow system allows the owner access from anywhere, anytime to monitor how the coffees are being made, this is a fantastic tool for consistency and ongoing training. So in short, Yes, the whole world needs to jump on board!”
Chris White
Altura Coffee – New Zealand

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