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Flow for Roasters

Brand Protection

A roaster once told us that one of the hardest challenges he faced was brand protection. When a customer is served bad eggs they blame the chef but when bad coffee is served they take note of the coffee brand and believe the brand of coffee isn’t good.

He knew that his sales were declining because his clients didn’t trust the brand and his wholesale accounts revealed inconsistency.

Clients will go out of their way to find their favourite coffee brand. By providing your clients with a reliable premium product, sales will increase organically through customers seeking out your trusted brand.

Flow for Roasters

Targeted Training

Most roasters have their sales representatives call into stores for a limited amount of time to share helpful insights and support. Flow can support you by providing data that reveals the areas where help is needed the most before the representative visits.

By equipping you with this information your trainers can utilise their time with clients efficiently and provide them with targeted training for specific problems.

Remote Support

Flow allows you to support your clients remotely by viewing live data from their sites. The information can be used by account managers to determine when a particular site needs to be contacted and staff can often troubleshoot problems over the phone saving you time and money.

Create Loyal Clients

The team at Flow have clients who often ask for help with their coffee execution. In most cases, we can quickly discover the issue, offer our advice and solve the problem.

We feel that this is a great opportunity for roasters to step into the role of problem solvers and add value to their client relationships by diagnosing issues remotely in minutes.

When your clients know that they have access to your support it will increase the likelihood of loyalty to you and your brand.

Loss Prevention

Flow can assist you in loss prevention. Roasters may offer clients a package that requires the purchasing of their beans to offset the provided equipment.

Unfortunately, some sites may introduce cheap alternative beans which will result in a loss of revenue for the roaster. With Flow, you can check that the shot totals align with the beans that have been purchased so you can be sure that the site isn’t supplementing with cheap beans and potentially causing damage to your brand.

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